Sustainable sourcing

While our first responsibility is to make sure our own choices and actions conform to high CSR standards, we also initiate dialogues with the supply chain. In view of the volumes we purchase from suppliers, we have the opportunity and responsibility to try and influence their decision-making to become more sustainable.

RSPO-logo-news banner.pngPalm Oil

Zeelandia believes that palm oil is to be produced in a manner that is legally compliant and traceable, that protects forests and biodiversity, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and respects the rights of indigenous people, workers and local communities. Zeelandia proactively participates in the Palm Oil Buyers Scorecard and is a member of RSPO since 2015. Over 99% of the palm oil we use in Europe is certified sustainable palm oil (and > 95% certified segregated palm oil).

IRBC logo - news banner.jpgIRBC

Throughout the group we have taken steps to select suppliers who actively support and implement our ethical guidelines. Zeelandia is a signatory of the Dutch International Responsible Business Conduct (IRBC) Agreement for the Food Products Sector. This is in line with our long-held commitment to conducting business in a responsible way, by preventing corruption and by promoting respect for human rights, labour rights, people’s health, safety and the environment.


Sustainable sourcing