Our bakery solutions

Explore our bread and pastry solutions.

Zeelandia provides innovative bakery solutions worldwide. We offer bread mixes and improvers, pastry ingredients, lubricants and release agents. Bakers can create unique and delicious baked goods with high-quality ingredients.

<strong>Bread solutions</strong> for small and industrial bakeries
Bread solutions for small and industrial bakeries
Indulge in our <br/>diverse <br/><strong>pastry range</strong>
Indulge in our
pastry range
Discover our <strong>lubricants</strong> and <strong>release</strong> <strong>agents</strong>
Discover our lubricants and release agents

Different worlds need a different approach

Together with our customers we explore the world of bakery. We focus on industrial bakeries and small and mid-sized bakeries. We create remarkeable opportunities together with them, we help them to explore new markets, innovate in the baking process and help them grow their business.

Small and mid-sized bakeries.

Explore how we support small and mid-sized bakeries to create succes.

Industrial bakeries.

We explore ways to add value and optimize production.

Creating tomorrow's bakery succes.

We work together with bakers to explore new opportunities. In inventive ways we create bakery succes together. Discover some of our succesfull and remarkeable opportuntities.

discover our remarkable opportunities.