Zeelandia's Packaging: Reducing Waste, Embracing Sustainability

Zero Waste Ambition & Sustainable Packaging solutions; we explore new innovative ways.

At Zeelandia, we are committed to a sustainable future and actively working towards reducing packaging waste by replacing non-recyclable materials. Our goal is clear: minimize our ecological footprint and contribute to a greener planet.

"We have launched a comprehensive Sustainable Packaging Strategy, centered on three fundamental principles: Reduce, Replace, and Recycle.

With the continuous support of our dedicated team and specialized partners, we aim to make a lasting impact."

Niels Steenblok, Packaging engineer Zeelandia Group.

Recyclable Box

We feel responsible on reducing our environmental impact by aiming to zero waste and by creating innovative packaging solutions. Thus, we proudly introduce our 100% paper-wrapped box where the tape used, is also paper-made the commonly used replacing plastic tape.

It includes clear recycling instructions for customers and it's made by 100% recycled FSC paper fibers.

Another clear example, of our commitment to a sustainable future in every package.

100% Paper bag

In line with our ambition to zero-waste and our commitment to sustainable packaging, we are excited to introduce our 100% paper bag!
Designed for industrial processes and suitable for ingredients containing less than 2.5% fat or oil.

Here's why it's a game-changer:

🌿 Plastic-Free: Say goodbye to harmful plastics.
🖋️ 55% Less Ink: Minimizing environmental impact with smart design.
🌳 Non-Bleached & FSC Paper: We're committed to responsible sourcing.

It's not just a bag; It's a great example of our efforts for a more sustainable future!

Dedicated to a More Sustainable World

We are committed to innovate and create more sustainable packaging solutions to meet customer demand and to help them reduce (as well as our) footprint. Most of our packaging materials can be recycled and we help and encourage customers to do so by including material component codes on our packs.

We are working on replacing non-recyclable materials with sustainable alternatives and aim to reduce packaging waste through our sustainable packaging strategy. For more information or updates on our new packaging solutions, please contact your local Zeelandia office.

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