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We reduced the use of plastic by creating 100% paper-based sustainable packaging

At Zeelandia we recognize corporate social responsibility (CSR) as a crucial fundament. We need to re-think everything we do when we want to create a change. So, in May 2021 we started using bags without an internal plastic barrier for selected customers. This plastic barrier protects the product against moisture and external damages during the supply chain process. But since these customers receive and use large volumes, this function is transferred to the wrapping foil which protects the full pallet.

In six months, we already delivered 57.000 bags to these customers. A saving of 1.112 kg (over 1 ton) of plastic. It is a clear example of how we can reduce the use of plastics, and that we need to count on the support of our partners in the supply chain for a lower impact on the planet.

Additionally, there are also other small actions that are also having their impact. A large, selected customer agreed on the use of only 1 label per bag, instead of the 2 labels (one on each side of the bag). This resulted in a reduction of 13 kg paper per year. Small steps, but every step counts when we want to make our earth a little bit better. 

6 Sustainable benefits of the recycle ready bags:

  • To help you reduce waste, we’ve created a 100% paper-based packaging
  • The inner plastic bag has been removed to reduce waste and protect the environment
  • 20% fewer chemicals used during the production of the outside paper layer
  • The new design enables an ink-use reduction of 55%
  • Only non-bleached FSC paper from sustainably managed forests
  • The 100% paper bags are suitable for products containing less than 2,5% fat/oil


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