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Founded in 1900, by the Doeleman family, we have always taken take pride in creating opportunities for bakers, making their business flourish. We do this with supplying them with high quality ingredients, helping them optimise their baking processes with our expertise in baking, and being innovative with flavours and textures to be on top of the latest market trends. Thinking differently, helps us to inspire our customers and making sure they can achieve their ambitions.

We are a global player with 3200 employees worldwide and with operations in 30 countries and sales in about 100 countries. We are dedicated to develop products tailored to local tastes while feeling great responsibility of our local communities. We are a people company and we care of the well-being of every life we touch. It’s about the world we share and creating precious moments that bring people together.

Together, we make our world flourish.

Sustainable commitments

We adhere to the principle of sustainable business practices. We believe that true success is achieved by generating value for our stakeholders while positively influencing society and the environment for upcoming generations. This brings us our daily motivation.

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Working at Zeelandia.

Joining the Zeelandia team means becoming a part of a warm and supportive family organisation that has a global presence yet a strong local impact. Explore our job opportunities across the world.

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Creating tomorrow's bakery succes.

We work together with bakers to explore new opportunities. In inventive ways we create bakery succes together. Discover some of our succesfull and remarkeable opportuntities.

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Food safety and quality

We provide our customers with high-quality products, crafted through safe and hygienic processes under strict control to consistently meet product and customer requirements. Our commitment to excellence ensures your trust and satisfaction.

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Zeelandia's heritage

We're proud to be part of more than a century of history. Herman Johan Doeleman created Zeelandia in 1900 and since his successors have been exploring new inventive solutions for bakers.

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Zeelandia in the world

In approximately 100 countries, bakers work with products from Zeelandia. In Europe, Zeelandia products are mostly sold through subsidiaries and joint ventures. Outside of Europe, they are also sold through distributors and agents.

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