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In order to reduce our ecological footprint, we seek to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, working towards a carbon-neutral future.

We want to actively contribute to the transition from fossil to green energy, aligned with a goal of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, one of the projects we started is to cover the roofs of our facilities with solar panels. 

An important strategic goal towards 2023 is to use only green electricity. Currently, 53% of our electricity is renewable but with a project like “Solar Panels on every roof”, we are taking little steps year by year and coming closer to achieving our targets.

The project to cover all suitable roofs with solar panels was started in 2021 with a pilot project in Poland to learn the bottlenecks of execution.The learnings have been used to prepare the next 8 projects, to be implemented in 2022. The goal for the full project is to generate approximately 20% of our own electricity.

Currently, we are generating 450,000kWh solar power with our pannels which equals 2% of our annual power consumption.

Solar panels on every roof