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World Sustainability Day

At Zeelandia we recognize corporate social responsibility (CSR) as a crucial fundament. We are committed to doing our fair share for the ecological balance as well as for the protection and improvement of the health and nutrition of our consumers. In our vision on sustainability, we think that what’s best for the bakers and consumers, must be best for the planet too.

There is only a way of making our business more sustainable & healthier, it is to do it as one. To come closer to becoming a carbon-neutral company that contributes to the health and nutrition of consumers, we have set off some specific projects.

Projects supporting sustainable business:

1- 100% paper-based packaging
2- Solar Panels installation
3- Clean Energy through wind power
4- Healthy & Pure product range

Recycle Ready Bags:

In May 2021 we started using bags without an internal plastic barrier for selected customers. In an effort to reduce our non-food waste, we have created 100% paper-based sustainable packaging.

These recycled ready bags are FSC certified as the paper used is non-bleached and comes from sustainably managed forests. We also managed to reduce by 20% the chemicals used during the production process of the bags and the design requires 55% less ink use thanks to the new design!

Solar Panels:

We want to actively contribute to the transition from fossil to green energy, aligned with a goal of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, one of the projects we started is to cover the roofs of our facilities with solar panels.


An important strategic goal towards 2023 is to use only green electricity. Currently, 50% of our electricity is renewable but with a project like “Solar Panels on every roof”, we are taking little steps year by year and coming closer to achieving our targets.


Clean Energy:

In order to reduce our ecological footprint, we seek to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, working towards a carbon-neutral future. We do this by investing in increased energy efficiency and by switching from fossil to renewable energy sources where possible and feasible.


Thus, Zeelandia Netherlands signed a contract with Zeeuwind, local cooperation that builds and exploits windmills and solar power installations. All power used by our largest production site will be green from January 2021 onwards. As a result, the percentage of green energy we use globally will grow from 28% to more than 50%!


The findings from these our sustainability projects will be shared with other operating companies to facilitate their transition to 100% green energy.


Pastry is seen as an indulgent product but is often considered unhealthy due to the high amounts of sugar, refined flours, additives, and palm fat. Therefore, Zeelandia launches a new range of pastry products, adapted to the latest market trends to help the bakers satisfy consumer needs.

Nativa is a pure base that lets the bakers unleash their creativity and elaborate all kinds of products. Create pastry elaborations that are differentiating and unique by adding healthy-seen ingredients like fruits, seeds, nuts, dark chocolate, and others.

With our reinvented baking range ‘Nativa’ we offer you a pure base to create excellent pastries with more room for unique tastes.
Nativa. The pure base for your signature taste.

For further information on Nativa, contact your local sales representative. 

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World Sustainability Day