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You no longer have to be a ‘tree hugger’ to be a vegan. The vegan lifestyle is now being embraced much more widely and has become a mainstream health trend. That’s why Zeelandia is supporting ‘Veganuary’, which is putting vegans worldwide in the spotlight this month. 
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Vegans do not consume or use anything that has been derived from – or tested on – animals. This means that besides not eating meat and fish, they do not use eggs and dairy products or any other products of animal origin or containing animal-based ingredients. Instead, vegans adhere to an entirely plant-based diet, often to reduce animal suffering and/or to reduce their carbon footprint.

Vegans eat entirely plant-based, partly to reduce animal suffering and to reduce their carbon footprint.

Incidentally, veganism goes beyond food. Vegans also consider the inputs when choosing clothing and personal care products. They prefer to avoid fur, leather, down, wool, suede and silk, for example, as well as gelatine, beeswax and products that have been tested on animals.

Plant-based pastry range
A plant-based diet is better for the planet, which is why Zeelandia offers a fully plant-based product line for pastry chefs. The Zeelandia plant-based pastry range is a wholly vegan solution. We offer smart recipes and user-friendly components, such as dairy and egg alternatives, to help you kick-start a vegan approach in your bakery. This range enables any baker to produce delicious vegan pastries.

Great taste and plenty of choice

You might be surprised by how many consumers show an interest in your vegan pastry range, because vegan food is no longer just for vegans. Almost half of the world’s population consciously choose food that is better for the environment or for their health. However, they also expect such products to taste great and for there to be plenty of choice. They want to make the world a better place, but they also want to enjoy themselves in the process!

Eating more vegan food is better for our planet.

So these consumers are looking for high-quality products that are equally as good as the more traditional choices and preferably even tastier or healthier. Therefore, an attractive and diverse range of pastries made with plant-based ingredients is an important innovation for today’s bakers. 

At Zeelandia we say: thinking differently creates the bakery success of tomorrow!

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Veganuary: vegans in the spotlight!