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Vegan Pastry

Vegan pastry
is here to stay.

The world is changing.
The way we live, the way we behave and the way we eat is not the same.
And we are changing too.

At Zeelandia, it is our commitment to stand with you and your customer in this social movement. And we are doing so with the next generation of pastry ingredients.

We are constantly evolving the way we make pastry, so it meets your needs and exceeds your expectations, today and for the future.

That’s why we are introducing our inspiring new vegan range; as tasty as ever, perfect for everyone, good for the planet and good for you. An opportunity for all of us, vegan or not, to change today and thrive forever. 

Are you ready to step into the future?

Let's V-GO!

Being vegan doesn’t mean giving up on tasty food choices. It’s a wide world of new possibilities, waiting for you to try. Vegan isn’t just for vegans. Consumers like to experiment and diversify their diet, so we are all flexitarian now!

A vegan diet is more than a diet, it is a lifestyle. The impact of our behaviour and the health of the planet is everyone’s concern now. Every tradition starts with a trend, with someone that explores something new. Vegan pastry is a trend, yes, but one that’s here to stay.

Cake mix.

Vegan cake mixes are perfect for creating a vegan pastry range with multiple applications, like cakes and muffins, but also cookies, tarts, waffles, pancakes and brownies. They can be flavored and used for creating many great-tasting cakes. Easy to use and delicious.


The possibilities are endless with the variety of vegan fillings available. Custards, fat-based and water-based fillings, bavarois or fruits fillings. With this range, every baker can create top-selling vegan pastry.


Vegan coatings give the perfect finishing touch to your pastry application. These high-quality coatings are flexible and easy to use. With these ingredients, pastry products don't only look appealing and indulgent, they taste as delicious as ever.


To make the perfect vegan pastry, we offer decorations like vegetable creams.
Zeelandia vegan pastry range solves the desire of not being limited in delicious
choices, while you choose to eat vegan food.

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Feeling Rebel?

Try out our new Fruitful Veggie Fillings range.  This new range of innovative baking solutions brings the unique sensory experience plants can offer in terms of flavours, colours and textures.

Spray & Bake 

Go all vegan and spray with our range of vegan lubricants and release agents.

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