Health and Well-being Health and Well-being

Better for
people, better for
the planet


Feeling good about yourself. Starting a new day full of energy. And enjoying everything that life has to offer. This includes the right food, which provides nutritious ingredients to keep you fit and allows you to enjoy yourself now and then.

Now that the world has been in the grip of COVID-19 for almost two years, the desire for a healthy lifestyle and a general sense of well-being seems greater than ever. The pandemic has made people realize what they care about: their health and their loved ones. As a result, people are prioritizing their health and well-being as often as they can and in as many ways as they can.

Good nutrition, good food
Of course, the focus on health is not new; the trend started some time ago. For example, more and more consumers are opting for products with less sugar or gluten-free variants. In addition, there is a growing awareness of the need to take care of the Earth. A rapidly growing group of people are eating less meat or choosing a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.

These developments offer opportunities for bread and pastry makers worldwide. After all, they know how good food is made and how it should taste. As a supplier of raw materials, Zeelandia makes an important contribution to this, not only by selecting ingredients aligned with a healthy diet but also by continually offering inspiration and innovative solutions to bakeries of all sizes. Just because food is healthier doesn’t mean that it can’t be tasty!

Pure ingredients
With its ingredients, Zeelandia helps artisan bakeries and industrial bakery companies to develop healthy products in line with today’s trends and needs. We offer a growing range of ingredients to address the rising demand for vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and reduced-sugar products. In 2022, Zeelandia will introduce a complete line of the purest possible ingredients for pastries: Nativa. Our products enable all bakers to draw on their own craftsmanship to respond to the current demand for healthier food – which is good for people, animals and the environment – with a unique assortment that won’t disappoint consumers in terms of flavour either.

Traditions and innovations
Together with the bakery sector, we cherish the value of this centuries-old craft while at the same time taking an innovative approach to today’s needs. This benefits not only our customers but also the planet.

Better for people, better for the planet