Today is International Education day and we want to celebrate it with different stories coming from some of our Zeelandia offices in Europe! We are committed to supporting the communities where we work and live.



Years of Cooperation with Kaunas University by Zeelandia Baltics
Cooperation between Kaunas University of Applied Sciences that educates food technologists and UAB Zeelandia BalticEvery week, UAB Zeelandia presents new video material to its clients and partners regarding the application of confectionary mixes when making various products. The recipes and descriptions of technological processes are posted on Zeelandia Baltic's Youtube, Facebookand LinkedIn accounts.
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Close cooperation between „Zeelandia“ and Kaunas University of Applied Sciences



Chill Room by Zeelandia Poland
Zeelandia Poland supports a local high school where some students, are thrilled to be future pastry chefs. The idea was to create space for students, where to rest between lessons, to have a place where they can read books, spend some time and have fun. Thus, we designed and built a so-called “Chill Room” which counts with comfy sofas and some standup tables where students can relax.




Bakery Techniques trainings by Zeelandia Czech Republic
On the other hand, Zeelandia Czech maintains regular activities with SŠPT Pardubice, an apprentice training center for young food technologists. The goal is to keep the students up to date regarding the latest ways of baking and pastry-making. The last event, supported by Zeelandia master baker, focused on dough lamination techniques.


A similar event, this time with the "Pastry finger-snacks" theme, was organized by Zeelandia confectioners at the Gastronomy training center in Trutnov. For students, such activities add value in expanding the scope of applications and ingredients that they are using at school, as they expressed in testimonials and thank you letters.


International Education day