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Zeelandia strengthens its distribution in the French market. Effective per 1 October 2020 Zeelandia SA has taken over the distribution activities of Axiane Meunerie of its Zeelandia products in the French market. After 8 years into the constructive partnership both Axiane Meunerie and Zeelandia have decided to end this collaboration.

Under the current market changes the transaction fits naturally into the strategy of both Axiane Meunerie, to refocus on its core business of flour and its derivatives, and Zeelandia devoting dedicated resources to the direct control on and the development of the French market.


As Marc Cuypers, Managing Director Zeelandia Belgium-France-Luxembourg explains: “France, Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg are the cradles of gastronomy, Burgundian (food) culture, craftsmanship and a great focus on product quality. Thus, France is an important market for Zeelandia, where pastry products, product quality and craftsmanship are leading, and fit with our strengths. From that combination, exciting things happen in this region!”


Zeelandia SA, part of Zeelandia Belgium, will market and distribute our products to France and will be managed under the leadership of Jean François Cantot (47).

Jean François has extensive experience in the French flour and bakery industry and has headed Axiane’s Zeelandia distribution activities for eight years. In addition (Technical) Sales Managers Nathalie Poiret (53) and Romuald Gaillard (45) will also join Zeelandia. With them the entire team that has successfully provided the distribution for years has become part of Zeelandia.


For further details or questions please contact Mr. Jean-François Cantot via tel. +33 (0)2 36 72 98 06, email, or visit the webiste at

Zeelandia repositions in France!