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When you’re young, you want to stay young forever. When you’re older, you want to delay the infirmities of old age. We all want to stay fit and healthy for as long as possible, but we also want to continue to enjoy life. That’s why Zeelandia is introducing Nativa: a product line that bakers can use to make delicious yet healthy pastries.

At least half of consumers in all age groups say they are ‘focused’ or ‘very focused’ on healthy eating and indicate that they prefer nutritious food that is as unprocessed as possible. More than two-thirds say that they check the ingredients in their food ‘often’ or ‘always’. In other words, they read the label before they buy a product or conduct other kinds of research into their food choices. These figures clearly show that many people have incorporated healthy eating into their lifestyle.

The figures are clear: healthy eating has become a familiar part of our lifestyle.


Zeelandia offers a unique solution
Zeelandia helps artisan bakers to offer consumers tasty yet healthy products – even when it comes to pastries! Whereas sugar is often replaced by sweeteners – artificial or otherwise – to create healthier alternatives for biscuits, for example, we take this a step further… and not just for biscuits, but also for irresistible cakes. Thanks to the ingredients in our new Nativa product line, bakers can reduce the amount of sugar, palm fat, gluten and E numbers in their end products. Moreover, we help them to add healthy extras such as seeds, grains, flours and fruit.

Home bakers discover healthy alternatives

Around 70% of consumers aged between 19 and 39 say that they bake something healthy themselves at least once a month and sometimes even weekly. Their inspiration often comes from the internet and social media, where countless free recipes are available to help people adopt a healthier lifestyle. Similarly, older consumers enjoy baking their own healthy cakes, biscuits or pastries, but they also buy them regularly from bakeries or supermarkets. Therefore, artisan bakers cannot afford to lag behind when it comes to offering healthier alternatives to traditional treats.

Less sugar, palm fat or gluten, and more fibre
In a healthier pastry range, it is especially important to reduce the amount of sugar, because 64% of consumers indicate that they are consciously trying to reduce their sugar intake. Artificial sweeteners are not a good alternative. Although they lend sweetness to a product, they are unnatural additives without any relevant nutritional value. Palm oil has also fallen out of favour with consumers, and almost half would rather pay a little more for a product containing no palm oil or palm fat. When it comes to flours, whole-wheat varieties are preferred over refined flours. High-fibre food is popular, especially among consumers aged 35 and over. Almost a quarter of consumers are prepared to pay more for gluten-free products.

64% of consumers try to eat less sugar.

Robust and rustic

For Zeelandia, Nativa is not only about health, but also about craftsmanship. It allows artisan bakers to show that they are moving with the times and are in tune with consumer expectations. Healthier pastries have a simple, rustic and often robust appearance: true craftsmanship that can only be achieved by artisan bakers. Zeelandia supports this approach! We are the first raw material supplier in the market to offer all the ingredients for delicious yet healthy pastries. We are continuously innovating to enable our customers to stay at the forefront too!

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