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Zeelandia joins forces
with InnoV for
the latest gluten free solutions

Zeelandia and Ireland's InnoV have entered into an exclusive collaboration and licensing agreement in the field of gluten free and other 'Free From' solutions with regard to the sustainability trends in the bakery market.

Focusing on developments worldwide

Already since 2008 through its subsidiaries in Italy as well as the Netherlands, Zeelandia has been developing innovative products in the gluten free range for both artisanal and industrial bakers to meet the steadily growing demand worldwide as its quality continues to improve.

With this partnership, which combines the expertise and production of Zeelandia with InnoV's knowledge and technology, the Royal Zeelandia Group is now well-equipped to respond to worldwide trends and technological developments and is making a major step forward and strengthening its position in the gluten free market internationally.

The gluten free croissant

An example of this unique collaboration is the development of a gluten free croissant with superior quality to products currently on the market. This new croissant, together with a gluten free variant of the typical Spanish Cana, will be demonstrated at the upcoming Free From Functional Food Expo' on 7 and 8 June in Barcelona (more info).

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Zeelandia joins forces with InnoV for the latest gluten free solutions