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Today, 28th of January, being the Global Community Engagement day we are proud to introduce some of the many activities our colleagues worldwide are organizing to support the communities we live in and work at. What does your organization do for the local community?


Emulzint Zeelandia supports the Street People's Bread! [Pão do Povo da Rua]


The action of the Research Institute of Brazilian Cuisine and Culture conducted by Ricardo Frugoli aims to minimize hunger in the streets of São Paulo and promote opportunities for transforming people's lives through work. In addition to the donation of products, we also work in the training of professionals, offering theoretical and practical technical training. See a short movie about the project:




See Infographic



Run for Alex by Zeelandia Poland


Yearly, our runners' team in Zeelandia Poland participates in a charity run for a young boy, Alex (8).

Every September we run for Alex, to support the systematic rehabilitation he needs in order to be able to move from the wheelchair to crutches and gradually walk independently. The rehabilitation sessions are extremely expensive, but Alex dreams to get rid of the wheelchair which is why Zeelandia is committed to supporting him.


The race is a relay race of a 5-person team, each participant covers 2 km around the athletics stadium in Oborniki. Together, (2021) they raised up to PLN 22,600, which will allow Alex to participate in 7 rehabilitation sessions in a specialized center.




Zeelandia Emulzint supporting Association for Assistance of Disabled Children (AACD)


Partnering for more than 6 years, we support AACD with Pão Amigo, which has already enabled about 8,900 visits to people with physical disabilities in our units throughout Brazil. ⁣⁣⁣

With each passing year, we are fans of this milk bread that is soft, tasty, a source of calcium, and has in its recipe a very special ingredient: solidarity.

"On behalf of Emulzint, I would like to thank you for another year of partnership with The AACD as we are very proud to be able to contribute to this project. As a local organization, we understand that we play a key role in building a better future for the people in our community, and this is one of Zeelandia Group's goals around the world: to support actions that promote well-being in the local communities where we are present," said Juliana Aiko, Emulzint Marketing Manager.


Global Community Engagement Day