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We care for the people, is in our DNA. In the past weeks, Zeelandians have been doing individual and collective supportive initiatives to help Ukrainian families. We are immensely proud and grateful for all and each supportive action carried out.
Zeelandia’s Contributions are coming in different forms, and they are all very much appreciated. What really matters is the gesture, the impact, and the support we are creating with all and each of our contributions.
We, as Zeelandians have collectively collaborated with UNHCR and Bake4Ukraine.
Some contribute with money, others focus on providing warmth through welcoming Ukrainian families into their homes, providing them with food, clothes, core relief items, or simply having human supportive conversations; everything counts.
Our Opcos have also coordinated and started up different initiatives locally.
We stay together, we join forces to support and help each other because we care. This makes us a strong family with unique values. That care for others is shown daily in the offices and sites we have worldwide and that is a reflection of our great and human Zeelandia culture.

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Zeelandia Supports Ukraine