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No Gluten?
No Compromises? 
Zero Problem.

It is challenging to replace gluten with almost no impact on the taste, texture, and shape of the final products, whether it is a loaf of bread, cake, or croissant. Since 2008, Zeelandia develops tailor-made solutions perfectly in line with the needs of the customers resulting in a leap forward in taste and texture. 

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Our gluten-free bread mixes deliver the pleasure of real bread with a long fresh shelf-life.

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Zero Problem Original

Contains deglutinated wheat, teff flour, and lentils and is lactose-free. For daily fresh bread with 1-2 days shelf life.

Zero Problem Jolly
Wheat-free and lactose-free. For daily fresh bread with 1-2 days shelf life.

Zero Problem Prime
Wheat-free and lactose-free. High moistness provides a long fresh shelf-life of 6-7 days.


Zeelandia has a special gluten-free range for pastry, characterized by noble and safe ingredients. With gluten-free pastry mixes, it is possible to bake modern cakes and classic and traditional desserts for your gluten-conscious customers.

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Zero Problem Delicake
Wheat-free and lactose-free versatile mix for the creation of many applications.

Zero Problem Short pastry
Lactose-free and wheat free. For shortbread and biscuits.

Zero Problem Viennoiserie
Lactose-free and wheat free. Mix for viennoiserie applications like croissants.

inventive solutions

Gluten-free bakery products represent a double-digit growth market. 1 in 10 people worldwide follow a gluten-free diet and consumers expect these products to offer the same taste, texture, and appearance they’re used to. That needs a tailor-made approach. 


Perfect Processability 

Zeelandia understands that good processability is important in the production process. By compensating the gluten with other ingredients, our gluten-free dough maintains its characteristics and is well-structured.



Inventive Product Development

Zeelandia is constantly looking for new innovations. And we did it! We cracked the code and made a gluten-free croissant mix that can compete with the original


Partnership for Succes 

With decades of knowledge and expertise, Zeelandia knows there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Therefore we are always offering technical support and creating tailor-made solutions. With you. For you.


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