Heritage of Zeelandia

Founded in 1900 by the Dutch Doeleman family and still headquartered in Zierikzee (The Netherlands), Zeelandia has become a global player in the bakery ingredients business. Today, 3,200 employees worldwide are dedicated to develop products tailored to local tastes and needs – with operations in over 30 countries and sales in about 100 countries. Zeelandia was awarded with the Dutch ‘Royal’ predicate in 1950. Click here to find our sales operations near you.

It all started in the year 1900, when Lambrecht Doeleman bought the recipe for “beschuitgelei” from a baker in Vlaardingen for one hundred guilders.

His brother Johan first tried the recipe in their parents' kitchen and later in a small warehouse on the Witte Eyestraat in Zierikzee, where they successfully distributed it to bakers across the Netherlands.


 After the production of the first kilos of “beschuitgelei” in the kitchen, the need for another place soon becomes clear. H.J. Doeleman therefore asks the local authority whether he could buy the old barn behind the house at 23 Poststraat. His plan goes through: in 1907 this becomes the production site of the famous rusk jelly.

Soon, a larger production space must be found. The old barn stood empty for a long time until, at the beginning of the 1980s, the idea arose to turn it into a museum: "Om den Broode" was opened in September 1983.

On Zeelandia's 25th anniversary, in 1925 every customer in the Netherlands received a clock with a built-in cooking timer as a gift. Perfectly useful in the bakery! During this period, H.J Doeleman believes that he can better use the money he invests in advertising to publish his own magazine that reaches the doormat of more than 10,000 bakers in the Netherlands every month. The first edition was released in May 1925. Originally intended to be published for only one year, the magazine proved to fill a need in the bakery industry. Today "De Klok" is still published once a year.