What the fudge !?

What the fudge!

RO fudge 1200x1200 px RGB.jpg

Here at Zeelandia we never stop wondering. We do not always wait for questions to raise, we are always on the lookout for new trends and opportunities. This is how our bakers discovered an inventive fusion between traditional fudge and pastry.

When applying fudge on pastry such as cakes, muffins and donuts, a thick, rich fudge layer will come as a pleasant surprise. Especially if you are used to a thin, breakable coating. Fudge develops a thin crust which helps avoid cracking and sticking even when defrosted. But it’s getting even better. A thick fudge layer on cakes or pastries remains deliciously creamy, giving the application a unique structure and fancy appearance. Today our fudge comes in different flavours, to help you play around with taste, looks and structure.

We are Zeelandia. Keep exploring.