The sound of crrrssst! The sound of crrrssst!

The sound of crrrssst!

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When buying a baguette, ciabatta or hard roll, consumers consider a crispy crust as an essential sign of freshness and quality. If you want to improve the crust you have to define the crustiness. But we wondered: how can you measure crustiness?

The proof of the crust is not in the tasting. The proof of the crust is in the sound. In search of the best crust in the world we developed a unique testing method, the Zeelandia Crustitest. It is an inventive way to measure force and sound; similar to squeezing bread by hand. Accurate and objective. The reproducible results give unprecedented data, helping customers improve the crustiness of their products and improve shelf life. And helping Zeelandia to improve products and processes. All for the ultimate experience of crrrssst!

We never stop wondering. Keep exploring.