Full of fuit and fruitful.


Whether you are a baker or a pastry chef, an SME, or an Industry, we invite you to explore with us the broad range of Fruit Fillings and Fruit Jams that Zeelandia offers. Fruitful is more than a master recipe of fruit and syrup.
It’s a whole experience of tasting a fruit filling that, pretty much resembles fresh fruit! We combine our expertise, the quality of our raw material, and the best care during the production process to delight our clients with unique fruit integrity and a remarkable experience!

Find here our product categories 

Fruit Fillings 

With up to 90% fruit content, our fruit fillings are the most natural option our customers can choose.

Fruit Coverings

Decorate your applications with a unique colorful touch and a fresh fruit taste.

Fruit Jams

Bake-stable and post-bake jams, with up to 35% fruit, are a great solution for SME and Industrial customers.

Did you know that Zeelandia is also a fruit filling and fruit jams supplier and experienced manufacturer?