Fruit Jams


Fruitful fruit jams are a must have ingredient for any baker or pastry chef. Each application and recipe need a specific type of property that will help them achieve the expected result.

Thus, when recommending a jam type to a customer, it all starts with a proper understanding of the application they will use it in. Our customers demand is overall a natural fruit taste. Additionally, there are customers who look for a good bake stable jam, or for a easily injectable jam, also a fruit jam which offers a good cut stability or even healthier options with less added sugar.

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Bake-stable jams 

Combine high baking stability with a smooth structure.

Great to be used in different pastry products, also in dry cookies with a long shelf life.

Post-bake jams

Distinctive fruity taste and a smooth consistency. Convenient for injecting into baked products, such as donuts, berliner, muffins, pastries, puff pastry and much more.

No-added sugar jams

In today’s food industry, sugar reduction is clearly a trend. Reducing sugar or substituting it with sweeteners and natural alternatives is a top priority for food innovators and manufacturers worldwide and across countless applications.

Zeelandia's fruit jams offer a great bake - thaw stability, ready to use product and with 28-50% content in them!