Fruitfully full of fruit

Fruitfully full of fruit.

Together with our customers we are constantly exploring inventive ways to create bakery success. That’s why Zeelandia’s great tasting Fruitful range is not only full of fruit, taste and texture. It is also full of ideas and business opportunities. Our customers can ask more than delicious fruit, like a high-end baker and caterer who asked us to create a ‘homemade’ dessert.
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In this dessert everything comes together: our fruit and our fruitful way of working. We now create a new dessert every season based on different combinations of pastry with jam, fillings or a topping with appealing pieces of fruit. That is what Zeelandia Fruitful offers: the best combination of baking ingredients, including fruit and fruitful solutions.
We never stop wondering. Keep exploring.
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Explore how the fruitful range makes a difference for your business. Contact us today and we'll be glad to answer your questions and meet your needs!

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