Flirt with flavours. Flirt with flavours.

Flirt with flavours.

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We all know what vanilla and chocolate fillings taste like. However there are so many other flavours around the world. Today, consumers are global citizens, they travel the world and discover new tastes and experiences. As a global company we explore flavours from around the world. And every time we discover new flavours we become very excited about all the opportunities these bring to inspire you with new ideas, trends and a bit of adventure.

With our smooth ready to use filling, the sky is the limit. It helps you turn pastry into a whole new experience. We offer a never-ending list of flavours, which you can combine with all kinds of textures like tiny pieces of fruit, seeds, nuts and orange peels. Combinations you did not even know existed. Like a Mojito cupcake with lime peels. So get ready and challenge new generations with some breath-taking, new, inventive and fancy flavours.

Never stop wondering. Keep exploring.