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    Bring colour on with Bake Rebel!

    Our fruitful veggie fillings are  natural, vegan and with 70% of vegetables!

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Together with our customers we explore the world of bakery. Thinking differently, we find inventive ways to create bakery success. We inspire our customers with ingredients and better ways to bake, manage and sell.

Different worlds need a different approach

Together with our customers we explore the world of bakery. We focus on industrial bakeries and small and mid-sized bakeries. 

Small and mid-sized bakeries.

We support small and mid-sized bakeries to create succes by improving products and help to sell more.

Industrial bakeries.

We explore ways to add value and optimize production.

Creating new opportunities for you

With our expertise and knowledge, we create new opportunities for you. Breadmixes full of flavour, pastry solutions to add taste and creativity or release agents to optimise your production.



Bread should be full of flavour and juicy textures. Zeelandia is offering these ingredients as a total solution for bread freshness.



With our pastry solutions you can combine tastiness with creativity, which will help you raise new opportunities.

Release agents


Zeelandia release agents and lubricants guarantee a trouble-free production, perfect shaped products which are attractive for your customers.