At Zeelandia we recognize corporate social responsibility (CSR) as a crucial fundament and principle for the sustainable future of our company, stakeholders and environment. It’s our ambition to initiate and further intensify the dialogue with customers, consumers, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders on how Zeelandia can play its part in this field. Based on extensive stakeholder research, we identified four CSR areas in which we believe we can have the most meaningful impact: Better for consumers (safe and healthy products), Better for employees (health, safety and professional growth), Clean energy and Zero waste.

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As a family-owned business with strong roots in the communities in which we operate, we have always had a strong sense of responsibility for our people, our suppliers, customers, our communities, and for our natural environment. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is strongly embedded in our values and business practices.

Sustainable sourcing

While our first responsibility is to make sure our own choices and actions conform to high CSR standards, we also initiate dialogues with the supply chain. In view of the volumes we purchase from suppliers, we have the opportunity and responsibility to try and influence their decision-making to become more sustainable.