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Optimised process, optimised taste

How we helped one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of frozen bakery products to optimise an interrupted production process and tailor a successful multicereal mix to local tastes.


Prokorn is a tasty multicereal mix, rich in calcium and minerals and low in sodium and cholesterol. Our customer wanted to use the mix to produce clean-label bake-off baguettes for the Belgian market, mainly aimed at the out-of-home and in-store bakery segments. We helped to optimise the customer’s interrupted production process. The mix was adapted to their continuous mixing system to ensure accurate dosing, an optimal volume and a consistent quality of the finished product.

Mix make-over 
The resulting Prokorn baguette was a commercial success. To boost sales even further, our customer wanted to tailor its look and texture even more closely to local consumer preferences. Using special enzymes and emulsifiers, we created a baguette to the desired specifications: extra volume and crustiness and a darker crumb colour. Our customer used the mix ‘make-over’ to relaunch their Prokorn portfolio and expand its reach in other market segments: with Zeelandia’s support two new types of rolls were added catering specifically to the needs of artisanal bakeries.