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Increased profits with better quality snacks

How we helped an industrial baker to create better quality and more profitable ‘quark balls’, optimising the production process with a tailor-made mix.

Quarkini are a popular German snack introduced by Zeelandia but taken up by our competitors as well. They are light, deep-fried snacks made from a batter containing natural curd cheese. One of our customers, which serves bakeries, supermarkets and wholesalers with a wide range of frozen bakery products, wanted to optimise the production process of its mini quark snacks.

Creating a more consistent end-product
To do this, we set out to develop a new mix to which only water would have to be added. This is an advantage over mixes which require fresh quark, which is an unstable and unpredictable ingredient industrial bakers would prefer to do without. The new mix makes it easier to produce the mini quark balls in an industrial setting and reduces the cost of labour. It also makes it possible to apportion the batter more accurately. Before our cooperation, as much as 5% of the quark snacks were too small to be sold, a significant loss of potential revenue. The new mix helped our customer achieve a more consistent size and reduce waste.

Getting to grips with fat absorption
The new mix, however, had to meet several other quality criteria. For example, our customer also wished to reduce fat absorption during the deep-frying process, both to improve the product’s taste and to reduce costs. In addition to adjusting our own mix, we provided technical advice to better control the other parameters determining fat absorption: the frying temperature and the oil used. As a result the quark balls can now be fried in less time and they absorb less fat in the process, which benefits both the quality and cost price.

Smoothing out the production process
In our search to help optimise our customer’s production process, we came up with several other tailor-made improvements. We also redesigned our packaging to make dosing much easier. We provided technical advice to help our customer reduce the melting of sugar with which the quark balls are coated after frying. And last but not least: we did all of this without changing the mix’ basic ingredients – in fact the only ingredients to disappear from the product’s label were E numbers, a result that made our customer more than happy!