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Fresh looks, long shelf life

Can a loaf have both long shelf life and the same texture and appearance as freshly baked artisanal bread? We helped a Spanish industrial baker achieve an effective and cost-friendly solution.

Industrial bakers increasingly seek to create loaves with a more natural, authentic appearance and texture. Our customer, the Spanish market leader in sandwich bread, wanted to introduce a loaf with similar characteristics to fresh, artisanal bread - while maintaining the company's standard shelf life of around 10 days.

Bread decoration for extra crustiness
The main challenge, it turned out, was to achieve a crisp crust. Zeelandia was called in to offer possible solutions. We found that under the circumstances, using a different bread improver would not have the desired effect. Therefore, we recommended a unique yet simple alternative: a different decoration. Using our Tiger bread decoration mix, our customer was able to improve the loaf's crustiness. It also gave the loaf a more attractive and eye-catching appearance, since the Tiger mix ‘looks’ are new to most Spanish consumers. In short, a highly effective and low-cost solution.