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Filling a fruit bar

Creating a suitable fruit-based filling for a major producer of fruit bars challenged us to provide a practical and bake-stable solution.

Our customer, a major manufacturer of confectionery, produces a successful fig and date-flavoured cereal bar, using a home-made filling. Building on this success, our customer wanted to expand the product range with a fruit bar and asked our specialists to create ready-made, practical and tasty fruit fillings.

Matching filling to dough

A particular challenge in supplying a ready-made filling arose because of our customer's production process. Since the dough and the fruit filling are co-extruded and portioned into individual fruit bars before baking, our filling’s viscosity had to be perfectly matched to the dough’s. By doing this, we ensured accurate dosing and baking-stability. By adjusting the filling’s water activity, we could guarantee that it retains its moisture during the baking process, keeping the filling fresh and extending the final product's shelf life.

Saving time

Since high volumes were needed, the fruit filling had to be packed in large drums for efficient transport. The filling’s high viscosity, however, could make it difficult to fully empty the drums. To minimise waste, we therefore developed a tailor-made, practical and effective solution, using a combination of an air-operated piston pump and scraper plates.


Our joint efforts resulted in a cost-effective, versatile fruit filling, available in different flavours. It allowed our customer to consolidate and expand market share by introducing a new line of fruit bars with high quality assurances: each fruit bar has a perfect, consistent shape, a soft and stable filling and a shelf life of 12 months.