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Cold fruit glazes for dessert cups

A new concept for dessert cups required an intelligent solution for applying a fruit glaze. Zeelandia came up with a smart and versatile glaze.

Dessert cups are a popular product with European consumers, with supermarkets offering a wide range of choices. Our customer, a relatively new company, set out to supply the retail channel with a new variety: bavarois mousse dessert cups with a glazed fruit layer. Our fruit filling specialists were asked to help develop the top layer.

Cold, soft and versatile

The main challenge was to provide a glaze which could be applied at relatively low temperatures, to prevent the mousse from melting in the process. At the same time, the goal was to produce a glazed layer with a softer texture than standard glazes. Also, our customer wanted the option of adding high-integrity fruit pieces.

Overall success

By developing a smart combination of binding agents, we developed a glaze which can be applied at 40 degrees Celsius. The glaze is available in several fruit flavours and can be combined with standard fruit fillings. It is stable yet has a delicate, soft texture. The overall solution enabled our customer to develop a successful final product, which is sold in high volumes through nationwide supermarket chains.