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Aseptic containers for high-quality fruit filling

How we helped a large manufacturer of bake-off products save time and money – and offering a clean label to boot.

Each year, Zeelandia supplies a large European manufacturer of bake-off products with hundreds of tonnes of Aldia’s apple cube filling. In the early stages of our cooperation, this filling was shipped in 5 kg tins. However, we felt that our industrial customers could save handling time, costs and a substantial amount of waste by using larger containers instead, with volumes ranging from 220 to1,000 kg.

Quality guaranteed

Whereas tins are sterilised once they have been filled and sealed, this isn’t an option with large containers. Instead, the filling would have to be pasteurised before packing. This process was carefully designed to make sure the filling’s high fruit integrity would not be compromised. We also developed a completely closed circuit for packing the pasteurised filling into pre-sterilised containers. This rules out the risk of microbiological contamination, so that the containers provide the same quality assurances as traditional tins. Including a shelf life of two years (at room temperature), without any preservatives.

Clean label

Building on the success of our aseptic containers, we went on to further improve the quality of the filling itself. By using fruit fibres as a natural binding agent, we could eliminate the use of modified starch and pectin. Since the filling only contains natural colouring agents, our customer now benefits from a high-quality product without any E numbers.