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A perfectly tuned release process

How a Spanish industrial bakery achieved better results, better taste and lower costs by fine-tuning the releasing process

The releasing process involves a complex interaction between a releasing agent and the equipment used to apply it. We helped a Spanish industrial bakery to achieve better results, better taste and lower costs by fine-tuning this process.

Applying release agent 
Our customer already used a Zeelandia release agent but had difficulty applying it in an effective way: its consistency was too thick for the equipment used to grease cake tins. The bakery’s efforts to solve this issue by heating the release agent proved counterproductive, since this changed the properties of the release agent, reducing its releasing power.

Cost savings and reduced waste 
We advised our customer to use a different release agent, in combination with new spraying machines. Since the new release agent is more powerful, smaller quantities suffice to achieve a perfect-looking finished product. This saves costs and reduces waste. It also helps keep machines clean (by preventing clogging with excess release agent) and minimizes the risk of traces of release agent being left on the cakes, thus improving their taste.