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A fruit filling with excellent baking properties

When one of German’s leading industrial bakers was looking for a fruit filling which would not produce steam during baking, Zeelandia rose to the challenge.

The quality of fruit fillings is not only determined by taste, but also by the way they interact with other ingredients during the baking process. One of the largest industrial bakeries in Germany, for example, found that the fruit filling they used for their cakes produced too much steam during baking, adversely affecting the quality of the final product.

100% natural ingredients

As one of the leading industrial bakeries in the country and a supplier to many nationwide retailers and private labels, our customer was intent on solving the problem quickly and with sufficient guarantees that it would not at a later time return. Our researchers set out to develop a new fruit filling, using only 100% natural colouring and flavouring agents.

Proven results in a range of flavours

The first result of their efforts, a new cherry filling, was tested rigorously in a pilot production process and found to produce excellent results, without producing any steam. The same was true of a second fruit filling (apple) developed shortly afterwards, while a third variety (blueberry) is currently being tested. In all cases, the results were exactly to our customer’s specifications: top quality taste and texture, as well as reliable baking properties.