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Painea Smarandei: authentic bread

How we helped a major supermarket chain in Romania boost the sales of its in-store bakery by launching a successful brand of natural, authentic bread.

Large supermarkets may not be the first place consumers think of when looking for an authentic loaf. Yet in-store bakeries are perfectly capable of producing natural, high-quality bread with a rich and authentic taste. In Romania we developed a new mix for supermarket chain Carrefour which not only proves this but also successfully brings the message across to consumers.

Clean label, rich taste 
The name Painea Smarandei (‘Smaranda’s bread’) covers a range of high-quality loaves with a natural look and a rich taste thanks to dried rye sourdough, special enzymes and natural fermentation with flour. Unlike many other loaves marketed as ‘natural’, it can boast a clean label free from E numbers.

Smart marketing 
To reinforce the message of authenticity we also developed a carefully researched marketing strategy. The product name, research has shown, triggers an emotional response in consumers (Smaranda being a familiar name in Romanian folk stories). Specially designed packaging and PoS materials highlight not only the loaf’s natural and traditional taste, but also the craftsmanship of in-store bakery personnel, raising their profile as artisans with passion for their product. The product enjoyed a highly successful launch, giving Carrefour’s in-store bakeries a real sales boost.