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Investing in personal relationships

When in-store bakeries were first introduced in hypermarkets, we invested in partnerships which have helped customers adapt to changing circumstances and new challenges.

When in-store bakeries were first introduced in Portuguese hypermarkets, we did more than supply the required products and solutions. Our test bakers and experts spent months assisting and advising personnel of each individual hypermarket. This close personal involvement on the shop floor has resulted in partnerships that have stood the test of time and have helped customers adapt to changing circumstances.

Tailor-made solutions for in-store baking
From the start, we supplied customers with solutions addressing their specific needs. Examples include bread mixes with (or without) specific ingredients, solutions guaranteeing the desired shelf life, products adapted to the customer’s existing production equipment as well as complete packaging and labeling solutions. Also, our expert bakers provided training sessions for in-store personnel, for example in cake design. These sessions were designed not only to increase their skills but also to enable them to transfer them to colleagues: ‘train the trainer’ in other words.

Introducing cross-promotions in hypermarkets
Throughout the years, Zeelandia has helped customers with innovative promotional activities, helping to boost sales. For example, we introduced the concept of cross-promotions, in cooperation with Portugal’s leading dairy producer Lactogal. Customers buying our calcium-rich Prokorn were entitled to free packs of added-calcium milk, and vice versa. For these and other promotions, we also provided a full service comprising in-store sales assistants and promotional materials. In this way, we helped hypermarkets increase the brand awareness of Prokorn among consumers in general and Lactogal’s large customer base in particular.