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Promoting the taste of freshly baked bread

With live baking demonstrations and a range of promotion materials, we help two supermarket chains increase the turnover of their in-store bakeries.

In Sweden, in-store bakeries face stiff competition from well-established industrial brands. Supermarket chains are looking for ways to gain market share and increase turnover from freshly baked products. Zeelandia responded by developing an effective marketing concept.

From baking demonstrations to aftersales

This concept revolves around live baking demonstrations on the shop floor, using a range of Zeelandia mixes starting with the ‘Shape’ low-carb bread mix. The demonstrations are carefully prepared with the supermarket in question and are supervised by Zeelandia experts. With a special bread box, consumers are encouraged to buy the final product, so that the demonstration’s promotional value is converted into satisfying aftersales.

Advice to attract consumer’s attention
In addition to the demonstrations, we provide a range of promotional materials, from banners to bread girdles. We also advise our customers on ways to direct consumer’s attention to their in-store bakery section. In one supermarket, this led to the redesign of the entire breakfast bread, cakes and healthy bread section.