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Authentic sourdough bread, at local supermarket

How we enabled a British retail chain to raise the profile of its in-store bakery, by producing authentic Italian sourdough bread in an easy and convenient process.

Sourdough loaves are a popular choice for British consumers looking for authentic, high-quality bread. A leading retailer in the UK wanted to add authentic sourdough bread to its in-store bakery’s portfolio. We helped them by developing a mix for Italian Biga sourdough bread suitable for in-store bakeries - a first for UK retailers.

Sourdough made easy and convenient

The traditional Biga sourdough process involves a very long production process. This is not feasible in an in-store setting. Adjusting the process to fit our customer’s workflow was a complex challenge which took over 12 months. The resulting 100% mix requires a two-stage process incorporating a 16-hour ferment. Yet it’s an easy and convenient process, made even easier by special Biga baskets in which the fermenting dough can be set aside.

Support in baking and selling

The mix produces a full-flavoured, open-textured sourdough loaf, without the use of E300. To ensure a consistently high-quality finished product we developed a clear, detailed manual and we also trained bakery managers. In addition, we developed a range of PoS materials to draw customers’ attention to the fact that they can now buy freshly baked, authentic Italian sourdough bread at their local supermarket.