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A successful partnership

Helping an international retail chain to develop successful in-store bakeries, with extensive support and complete recipes tailored to local taste

When an international retail chain entered the Czech market, it wanted to establish a local partnership to supply and support its in-store bakeries. Our local Zeelandia experts provided a full package, including a product portfolio tailored to local tastes and extensive technological support.

Our customer’s in-store bakeries are regularly provided with new recipes developed by Zeelandia. Once a product proposition has been selected, we provide full technological support in implementing it. We prepare complete recipes, accompanied by a range of photographs of the end product to ensure all in-store bakeries produce uniform results.

In-store bakeries’ staff also receive extensive training, both in our local technological centre and on-site. In addition to supporting the in-store bakeries, we also supply our customer with ready-baked special products, in cooperation with regional bakeries.