In-store bakeries

Baking in-store comes with very specific challenges. It requires special ingredients, tailor-made packaging and above all convenient and robust processes. We help customers to run successful and efficient in-store bakeries with solutions that fit their specific needs.

Czech Republic
A successful partnership

Helping an international retail chain to develop successful in-store bakeries, with extensive support and complete recipes tailored to local taste

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United Kingdom

Authentic sourdough bread, at local supermarket

How we enabled a British retail chain to raise the profile of its in-store bakery, by producing authentic Italian sourdough bread in an easy and convenient process.

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Painea Smarandei: authentic bread

How we helped a major supermarket chain in Romania boost the sales of its in-store bakery by launching a successful brand of natural, authentic bread.

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Investing in personal relationships

When in-store bakeries were first introduced in hypermarkets, we invested in partnerships which have helped customers adapt to changing circumstances and new challenges.

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Promoting the taste of freshly baked bread

With live baking demonstrations and a range of promotion materials, we help two supermarket chains increase the turnover of their in-store bakeries.

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