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Panna cotta for foodservice

Stable, versatile panna cotta for hotels, restaurants and food outlets. Easy to make and low in cost price.

Panna cotta may have originated in Italy, it’s a popular dish in many countries. Also in Greece and particularly in the country’s tourist regions, where many hotels, restaurants and confectionery outlets offer panna cotta as a dessert or use it as a filling in pastry products or cake. For these foodservice customers, it’s important that panna cotta can be made in an easy and cost-efficient way. At the same time, the result has to meet high-quality standards and must be stable even under less than ideal circumstances (for example, hotel buffets in hot summer weather).

Lower cost, longer shelf life 
The panna cotta we developed for the Greek market meets all of these requirements. Unlike most products on the market, it is supplied as a powder rather than in liquid form. This makes it easier to transport and keeps the cost price down. It also improves shelf life. The powder is packed in convenient 1 kg paper bags, which allows customers to produce small batches (and thus reduce waste).

Creating signature dishes 
Only milk needs to be added to create a creamy, smooth panna cotta. It’s easy for customers to add other ingredients to the panna cotta, like chocolate, caramel or fruit. This gives chefs and bakers the opportunity to create their own signature dishes or to offer their customers or guests a greater variety of choice.