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innovation items out-of-home

Cake on a stick
If ice-cream on a stick works well, why not eat cake in the same way? We developed a complete solution for the perfect cake to eat on the go.
Dolce Kamut
The Kamut® cake contains 100% Kamut® ingredients: wholemeal Kamut®, semolina Kamut® and white flour Kamut ®, these ingredients are completely organic. Dolce Kamut® contains only cane sugar.
Fruit fillings
Fruit is a classic ingredient in many pastry products. We help customers with smart solutions for processing tasty and delicate fruit in a convenient way - without compromising quality.
Being flexible in deciding when to have freshly baked product in the store.
Panilife Spelt
Reviving the art of baking spelt bread – in a way that suits modern Spanish artisan bakeries.
Salto Plus
Lowering the salt content to comply with regulations without affecting taste and texture.
Vikorn: taste meets vitamins
Instead of focusing on products low in fat or salt, consumers increasingly ask for products rich in good ingredients, like our Vikorn loaf.
Prolong shelf life and improve freshness with these enzyme-based fresheners for cakes