More and more consumers eat on the go. Bakery products fit this trend like a glove. With our extensive knowledge of baking ingredients and marketing concepts, we can create a successful range of fresh, appealing, tasty and convenient products for the Out-of-Home food business.

Czech Republic
Catering to the caterer

What made a leading Czech catering company decide to name Zeelandia its ‘Supplier of the Year’?

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Panna cotta for foodservice

Stable, versatile panna cotta for hotels, restaurants and food outlets. Easy to make and low in cost price.

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Less is more with liquid margarine

How replacing three ingredients with one innovative product enabled a mid-sized bakery to produce more consistent results and a cleaner label while reducing cost.

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A premium roll for a premium croquette

Meat croquettes are a classic Dutch delicacy, often eaten in a bun. The country’s leading premium croquette, of course, deserved a quality bread product.

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