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Catering to the caterer

What made a leading Czech catering company decide to name Zeelandia its ‘Supplier of the Year’?

For several years running, one of the Czech Republic’s biggest catering companies has awarded Zeelandia the title ‘Supplier of the Year’. The secret to our success? A combination of high-quality products, practical support and fast logistics.

A key factor in our long-standing relationship has been our ability to provide fast and accurate logistics. Although our customer uses one full logistics partner for all other ingredients, an exception is made for Zeelandia products. As the only company in this market segment, we provide direct logistics in the Czech Republic. A real advantage for our client, especially for products with relatively short shelf life.

Over the years, our product deliveries have included a wide range of ingredients, from dry cake mixes and fruit toppings to tasty and convenient savoury fillings. We were also asked to help out when the company wanted to start producing its own cake and confectionery products (rather than buying them from local producers). We supplied mixes and fillings but also supported staff with extensive training as well as instruction videos. As a result, our customer was able to improve the quality of its cake and confectionery offerings while reducing cost price.