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A premium roll for a premium croquette

Meat croquettes are a classic Dutch delicacy, often eaten in a bun. The country’s leading premium croquette, of course, deserved a quality bread product.

‘Kroketten’ are a traditional Dutch snack. Combined with a soft roll they form a popular meal on the go, available from many food service outlets. Van Dobben, one of the country’s leading premium brands, wanted to provide its food service customers with a branded Van Dobben bun, to match the brand’s reputation for quality and authenticity.

A unique co-created bun
In a process of co-creation with Van Dobben, we developed a bun with a unique flavor, made from high-quality ingredients, and sourced a reliable, high-quality bakery. The bun’s texture – somewhat rough on the outside, soft on the inside – can even be said to reflect the character of the people of Amsterdam, Van Dobben’s place of origin and a city whose coat of arms is part of the company’s logo.

The result: a premium street snack
Our cooperation resulted in a premium street snack which, when tested in a professional market survey scored significantly higher than a regular Dutch croquette roll