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Less is more with liquid margarine

How replacing three bakery ingredients with one innovative product enabled a mid-sized bakery to produce more consistent results and a cleaner label while reducing cost.

Johnsen’s Konditorí is a mid-size bakery serving hotels and catering companies with fresh bakery products seven days a week. For these customers, it is vital that the bread and pastries they order are of exactly the same high quality every day, both in shape, taste and texture.

Combining three bakery ingredients in one
We helped bakery owner Johan Lemser to optimise his baking process, reducing waste and cost and further improving the quality of his products. Instead of adding freezing powder, softening powder and betaglucan as separate ingredients to the dough, we advised the bakery to use our liquid margarine instead.

Improved freshness and a cleaner label

Reducing the number of bakery ingredients makes the workflow in the bakery more efficient. More importantly even, using the liquid margarine results in improved taste and softness. The bread also stays fresh for longer, which helps reduce waste and the associated cost. Also, the new process results in a cleaner label: instead of listing 6 to 15 E-numbers, Lemser now only has one E-number to declare, which makes the product more attractive to his (quality-conscious) customers.

Automatic dosing for improved consistency
Switching to liquid margarine has also opened up the way to further rationalise the production process. We are currently helping Johnsen’s Konditorí to install an automatic dosing system. This not only saves time and labour cost, it also enables the bakery to give even higher guarantees of a perfectly consistent end-product in terms of size and quality.