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A premium low-carb sourdough loaf: Das Beste am Abend
A premium low-carb sourdough loaf, which seamlessly fits into a modern bakery workflow.
Amore Arome
A wide-range of naturally fermented flavours that offer specific tastes and characters
Amore Melange
Ingredient mixtures with outstanding performance in terms of convenience and quality.
Amore Original
The Amore Original product line offers all-natural active sourdough powders.
Amore Rustique
Amore Rustique is an easy-to-use and versatile blend based on sourdough with active ingredients to create superior quality breads. The active bakery ingredients allow bakers to produce sourdough bread with an aromatic, fleshy crumb and crispy crust in three hours, without the need to add bread improvers. Wheat flour, water and salt are enough.
Using Blend-it! results in an easy way to produce an extensive bread range at any given moment.
Cake on a stick
If ice-cream on a stick works well, why not eat cake in the same way? We developed a complete solution for the perfect cake to eat on the go.
Creating brand value for craft bakeries
From creating a distinctive loaf to professional marketing support: we help craft bakers build their own branded product.
Dolce Kamut
The Kamut® cake contains 100% Kamut® ingredients: wholemeal Kamut®, semolina Kamut® and white flour Kamut ®, these ingredients are completely organic. Dolce Kamut® contains only cane sugar.
Fruit fillings
Fruit is a classic ingredient in many pastry products. We help customers with smart solutions for processing tasty and delicate fruit in a convenient way - without compromising quality.
LIV the bread that wins your heart!
LIV is bread that lowers your blood cholesterol level due to the functionality of the oat beta glucans.
Being flexible in deciding when to have freshly baked product in the store.
Pan Gustavo
An Italian low-carb, high-protein loaf, tailored to local Mediterranean tastes.
Panilife Spelt
Reviving the art of baking spelt bread – in a way that suits modern Spanish artisan bakeries.
Prokorn is a combination of functionality and lifestyle.
Salto Plus
Lowering the salt content to comply with regulations without affecting taste and texture.
Shape fits in a low-carb diet.
Soft and fresh, with a bite
How to create a soft loaf with a real bite, that stays fresh for longer, yet requires minimal extra effort from the baker? That was the challenge we set ourselves when developing the MR. KORN mix.
Vikorn: taste meets vitamins
Instead of focusing on products low in fat or salt, consumers increasingly ask for products rich in good ingredients, like our Vikorn loaf.
Zero Problem
Gluten-free bread, pizza, cake or panettone? It’s no problem for Italian bakers using this innovative product range.