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Helping craft bakers innovate and compete on quality

How can craft bakers successfully compete with supermarkets for the attention of younger consumers? We helped a group of bakers develop a top quality product with a strong regional identity.

Whereas the economic crisis is taking its toll on many small enterprises in the Netherlands, ambitious and creative craft bakers are still flourishing. We helped a group of bakers in the ‘Westland’ region to develop a unique product range, enabling them to successfully compete with the supermarkets next door.

Drawing a younger audience
As in many countries, younger consumers in the Netherlands tend to buy bakery products from supermarkets for the sake of time and convenience. Yet, many craft bakers in the Westland region successfully compete with supermarkets thanks to product innovation and by introducing a greater degree of self-service. Supported by Zeelandia’s test bakers and marketing specialists, they also make the most of USPs like their product quality, craftsmanship and regional identity.

Developing a distinctive new product
To further enhance this profile, a group of bakers asked us to assist them in developing a distinctive new type of bread. In a period of just over a year, step by step, a new brand was developed: ‘Pure Westland Gold’ (’Gold’ also being local dialect for ‘excellent’). The first bread in this ‘Pure’ range is a high-quality, tasty loaf with a soft crumb structure and a golden crust. It’s rich in fibres and completely free of lactose and E numbers.

A successful product launch
The new loaf is uniquely available in only seven craft bakeries in the Westland area, emphasising its regional identity. Sales staff in the stores were trained. Also, we developed a range of accompanying promotion materials (advertising, banners, posters, video) to help our customers launch what has in a very short time become a highly successful product.