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Craft baking for the next generation

How our special mixes helped an Italian craft baker to widen his range of products and attract a new, young customer base.

Il Forno di lo Fiego is a small but highly successful craft bakery in the historic centre of Como, not far from the shores of the famous lake. Like many Italian bakeries, it has to come to terms with the fact that younger generations of Italians eat less bread than their parents.

More than simple white bread
Roberto lo Fiego, who also runs a second craft bakery in a nearby village, has successfully met this challenge by expanding his range of products. While most Italian bakeries focus on simple, white loaves, Il Forno di lo Fiego offers a wide range of special loaves and rolls. Zeelandia’s bakery ingredient mixes allow the bakery to produce small batches of special bread, without the extra effort and cost often associated with them.

Night-time focaccia loved by youngsters
Lo Fiego’s success is not restricted to his bread products. Zeelandia’s ‘Classico’ mix has helped improve the quality of Il Forno di lo Fiego’s panettone. Also the shop, which opens at midnight, has built a reputation among young clubbers with a delicious range of focaccias based on Zeelandia’s ‘Fiesta’ mix.