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A roundly successful loaf

How a new product range and marketing concept for authentic, natural bread helped mid-size bakeries in Romania gain access to supermarket shelves.

As in many other countries, Romanian consumers increasingly look for natural and authentic food products, including bread. This presents growth potential for mid-size bakeries, which in Romania often sell mainly through their own shops and contracted outlets in their home region. By developing a new product range and marketing concept, we helped them open up a new sales channel: nationwide supermarket chains.

Rotunda Romaenesca’s clean label
By investing in a thorough qualitative consumer survey, we got a good view of consumers’ purchasing and consumption habits. These insights were translated into a distinctive new bread range, completely free from artificial preservatives and E-numbers but still offering a shelf life of 7 days. The new loaves are called ‘Rotunda Romaenesca’, referring to their round shape and Romanian heritage respectively. They are available in a range of types to suit all tastes: rustic, rye, added-fibre and multicereal (with a wholegrain variety to be launched in the near future).

Marketing concept in Romania

A sustained nationwide marketing campaign
Just as importantly, the product range was complemented by a sustained marketing campaign. We took the lead in developing a marketing strategy and a wide range of marketing materials, including leaflets, branded packaging, advertisements, a Facebook page and a complete kit for organising sampling and promotional activities on the shop floor.

The result: improved sales and choice
With ‘Rotunda Romaenesca’, we created a product popular both with our customers (who have gained access to an important extra sales channel) and supermarkets, who can add a 100% natural, regional product to their product assortment.